Tehran class of July 2017

30 Jul, 2017

Tehran class of 2017This picture was taken at the end of a dynamic 2-day communications and reputation management course for PR practitioners in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry in Iran. I had the privilege to structure and present the course in Tehran this week.

We started with the fundamentals of our profession including the business case for earning a strong reputation, followed by what challenges and opportunities societal trends present for the energy sector. We also spent sufficient time on various disciplines such as stakeholder management, (social) media relations as well as issues and crisis management.

Things came together in developing a professional annual plan including a strategy geared towards differentiation as well as supporting the business’ ambitions. In there we also made sure to incorporate specific themes and campaigns that help the organisation to be seen as a relevant societal player.

It was very good to see how eager and enthusiastic our colleagues in Iran are to guide their companies in what will be a new chapter in their oil and gas history. Attracting foreign capital and technology will bring vitality in the business!

Most importantly, this was a rich week in terms of sharing best practises and debating PR techniques and tactics taking into account considerable cultural diversity.

Many thanks Triple EEE Management Support and CBC Oil & Gas for your good cooperation and kind hospitality in Tehran – and not least warm wishes to all new friends in Iran. Thank you!

Bert Regeer